January 11, 2010

Casio Unleashing Its Digital Art Frame with Dynamic Photo Capability

Casio America Incorporated and its parent company, Casio Compter Co. Ltd, announced the development of a new and revolutionary digital imaging product, capable of transforming digital photographs into works of fine art (cough), namely the Digital Art Frame. Well, this I cannot help saying, you actually need something more than an "ordinary digital photograph" to start with in the first place, but come to think about it, let's not discuss taste.

"We are excited to announce yet another innovative product with unparalleled features distinctive to Casio," said Toshiharu Okimuro, Chairman of Casio America, Inc. "The Digital Art Frame adds personalization and artistic integrity to your conventional digital photo frame."

Embedding a "snapshot-to-painting conversion" function, the Casio Digital Art Frame can render digital photos into creative, and even personalized artistic expression. This digital frame is nothing like other conventional digital photo frames on the market, going beyond the status of a simple decoration that displays favorite photos in a row, in someone's home or office, just because it can develop quite original (by that I mean unique) photographic artwork from digital images.

The conversion is handled by image recognition and image processing algorithms embedded into the Digital Art Frame's software. Users are given the commodity of turning their photos into eight different styles at the push of a button, namely, Water Color Painting, Color Pencil Sketch, Pastel Painting, Pointillism, Air Brush, Oil Painting, Gothic Oil Painting and Fauvist Oil Painting.

If the above are nothing more than simple image filters that one can apply anytime in an image processing software (try GIMP for example, it's free), then Casio ensured its Digital Art Frame follows the company's step, by adding Dynamic Photo, which is a very known function in Casio's digital cameras. What this does is to allow users to create composite moving images, by combining moving characters directly on the frame. Aside from that, one can also use the Art Dynamic Photo function to apply snapshot-to-painting conversion to the Dynamic Photo images.

Technical specifications include a 10.2-inch WSVGA color LCD screen, an internal memory of 2GB, one SD memory card slot, also SDHC compliant, an in-out USB port, built-in stereo speakers and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi connectivity. No pricing information yet.



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