January 26, 2010

Windows Live and Facebook in New Flavors for Windows Phones

Windows Live for Windows phones

Users of a handset running under Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system can now enjoy two updated applications on their handsets, namely the Windows Live for Windows phones and the Facebook client. However, there seems to be a catch with each of them, as the latter is only available for devices running under Windows Mobile Standard, while the later, although listed at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, still installs the older version 10.7.0060, it seems.

The new Windows Live for Windows phone version listed in Microsoft's app store is 11.1, dated January 22, yet those who already downloaded and installed the application say that version 10.7 is the one that is actually deployed on their mobile phones. There are great chances that the new version has been listed there before its time, or that the download links haven't been yet updated.

Here's what Microsoft says about this application version: “MUST REBOOT THE WINDOWS PHONE AFTER INSTALL. Before installing, please be sure to manually uninstall any existing version of Windows Live prior to version 11. Now you can stay connected to those that matter most with Windows Live for Windows phone. Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, Photos and the “What’s New” feed are now all available on your 6.x Windows Phone.”

As for the official Facebook client for Windows Mobile, is seems that the new version of the application that can now be seen in the Marketplace for Mobile is 1.2, though the installation shows version However, the client has been certainly updated, though it should be mentioned that only for Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard Edition (non-touchscreen) mobile phones.

Facebook for Windows phones

While the new version is not yet available for handsets running under Windows Mobile Professional Edition (touchscreen), the guys over at pocketnow gave the available new flavor a try, and came up with a list of new features: “First of all, there are now little icons and numbers representing comments as well as the number of people who “like” each post. There’s a new menu that lets you comment AND read other people’s comments AND “like” things. There’s also a new “Search” command in the menu that lets you easily find new people and add them as friends or send them messages (depending on their security settings).”



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