January 4, 2010

World's First USB 3.0 Peripheral Silicon Certification Goes to Symwave's SW6316 USB 3.0 to SATA Controller

Symwave, one of the many other leading companies in the silicon supplying of system solutions for SuperSpeed USB 3.0 market, has just announced that its SW6316 USB 3.0 to SATA storage controller has reached the point of achieving the World's first USB 3.0 peripheral silicon certification by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). The Implementers Forum had initiated the USB 3.0 Compliance and Certification Program back in September, and of course, this is the gold standard for testing USB products.

“Symwave has demonstrated several SuperSpeed USB 3.0 World’s firsts including a physical layer device (PHY), a single chip USB 3.0 to SATA storage controller, a dual-drive RAID storage controller delivering 400 MB/s, and now the World’s first USB 3.0 device certification. Compliance to industry standards is essential to the successful deployment and broad market adoption of any new technology, and the USB-IF demonstrated great leadership by launching a compliance program early,” said Yossi Cohen, President and CEO of Symwave.

But what does this certification actually mean? Well, just the fact that along with the certification of the company's device, Symwave's OEM customers can imprint the "SuperSpeed Certified" logo on their products, ensuring consumers are provided with the best confidence of interoperability, compliance, and performance as set forth by the USB-IF.

“Working with the USB-IF team over many months at the forefront of the test procedures development was both challenging and rewarding. Our OEM customers' products can now prominently display the 'SuperSpeed Certified' Logo which consumers have come to recognize as assurance that the product meets the highest standards,” added Cohen.

All in all, this is how things work, and come to think about it, actually, how things should work, because there are too many fake products that claim unreal specifications. If all the people that got USB 1.0 instead of the claimed USB 2.0 speed gave me 1 cent, I'd be filthy rich right now.



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