March 11, 2010

Evernote for Android Comes on T-Mobile's Samsung Phones

Evernote for Android Comes on T-Mobile's Samsung Phones

T-Mobile customers who are also fond of Google's Android operating system can now get more from their handsets by purchasing a Samsung mobile phone that runs under the mobile platform. Evernote announced that they had inked a deal through which all Android-based devices from Samsung going on sale via T-Mobile would have their application pre-loaded.

The Samsung Behold II is one of these handsets and, all of those users who will purchase a new such handset will enjoy the Evernote app already available on their phone. Moreover, it seems that those who already purchased such a handset will be able to enjoy the solution too, via an update that, if not sent to them already, will come in the near future.

“The new Samsung phones come with Evernote for Android, the newest and fastest growing member of the Evernote family. Evernote for Android lets you create text notes, snap photos and record audio memos. You can also upload files, such as PDFs. If you’re a Premium user, then you can attach any type of file, including the videos you shoot with your phone,” the company notes on its website.

Evernote comes with a wide range of features, enabling users not only to create new stuff, but also offering them the possibility to find all the notes they made on their handset, on a desktop PC or on the web. Not to mention that they are also able to search for notes that have been created near their current location. Android phone users can download and install the application for free from the Android Market, as well.

“Evernote is making a major investment in Android this year, and now that so many people will get to see us on Samsung phones, we’re even more motivated than ever to make the Evernote for Android experience as great as possible. Expect lots of new features and improvements in the months ahead,” the company also notes.



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