October 27, 2009

Windows 7 Logo Built with 7,000 Domino Pieces

For those who have watched closely the launches of Windows Vista and Windows 7, one thing must be perfectly clear. There is less hoopla when it comes down to the latest iteration of the Windows client compared to its precursor, a smaller footprint Wow as far as marketing efforts are concerned. Nowhere is this more true than in India. While Windows Vista took center-stage at the Taj Mahal, Windows 7 got just a logo built out of 7,000 domino pieces, of course designed to incorporate the number 7 into the launch.

At the bottom of this article you will be able to see the domino extravaganza that went into the launch of Windows 7 from Microsoft India (Being Manan via The Windows Club). Sure enough, the extravaganza was tuned down compared to Windows Vista’s launch. For the official Windows 7 release, Microsoft no longer hijacked the Taj Mahal. Instead 22 company employees at Microsoft’s Hyderabad center built a Windows 7 logo out of 7,000 domino pieces.

In fact, Windows 7’s worldwide launch didn’t even come close to Vista’s, as the Indian release is no exception, but the actual rule. And as ridiculous as the Windows 7 Whopper might have been, as far as meat monstrosities go, it doesn’t even come close to the marketing and publicity stunts Microsoft pulled for Windows Vista.

"Proactive engagement and feedback thereof with partners and consumers was fundamental to the development of Windows 7. It has helped deliver what is the highest quality OS in the history of Windows. It enhances the user experience by its sheer simplicity and caters to their connected lives across work and play. We are delighted by the initial reviews from partners and the technology community. Over 90% of testers from around the world have rated it as "good" or "extremely good" and consider Windows 7 to be responsive, simple to use and stable," noted Ravi Venkatesan, chairman, Microsoft India, on October 22nd.



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