June 21, 2009

Google Suggest Feature Removed in China

With all the focus on Iran in recent attempts to block many of the social networks and services and other sites, it is easy to forget that the greatest Dabbles regularly in the control of the Internet and prevent the abuse of web sites, namely, China.

While the recent freeze Twitter, Flickr, and the prohibition of some of the topics on the Google.cn research on the history of the Tiananmen Square massacre had not received any official comment, at least, Mountain View, California-based company made a statement on the recent request from the Chinese government to transfer some of the functions of the search engine.

China has made several previous requests that the company is on the disabled Google feature at the expense of the proposal as it is linked to abusive or suggest content often, and now it appears that Google has complied. New York Times reported that Google executives and officials met with officials from the Chinese government earlier this week to discuss this request.

It appears that Google has warned in April and June, and threatened to impose sanctions, but this reduction did not give any change. Google suggestion feature is completely disabled on the Google.cn site.

"We are conducting a comprehensive review of our services, and to take all necessary steps to correct any problems in our results. This has been a significant engineering effort, and we believe we have addressed the vast majority of this problem results," Google in a statement on the request of the Government.

But Google so far to comment on issues on the history of 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre when the inspection of all containing any reference to the arena, even those not related to the incident, such as tourism, information and pictures of the blocked several days. Search giant says it is trying to remain neutral and open, but so far some controversial moves in China, but the company claims that it was necessary to comply with local laws and regulations.



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