January 21, 2008

Free SMS From celuller phones via GPRS

We may ever to try to send free SMS via internet by sites provide services free SMS. But may often our SMS no delivered and or many long time. Now there is way cheap,easy and fast to send free SMS . Our Pulsa is charged to GPRS access cost only.

We need to install a java application called Cellity free SMS v1.3.2 on ourphones who support Java technologi (MIDP ver 1.0 or 2.0). Then we will connect to its server via GPRS for registrating. This free SMS can send amount characters more 300, more than conventional SMS 160 characters only. this program Cellity can send SMS to many numbers at one time. Don't forget to input international numbers from phone numbers destination, such as +62 for Indonesia. There are 4 languages option is English, Spanish, French, and Germany.

don't forget to try it



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